Dirbach Plage Hotel is an idyllic holiday destination in the natural park “La Haute Sure”,  in Luxembourg Ardennes .The property is hidden away in a small valley, stretched along the green riverbank on one side, and tucked against a rocky cliff on the other.

It is the perfect starting point to discover the surrounding woodlands. It is half way of the Lee trail, that funnily crosses our terrace, allowing a good point for doing both side of the long trail and going back to our Hotel for a rewarding meal and a resting time! We are in a excellent location to visit the beautiful castles of Bourscheid, Vianden, Clerveaux, Esch- sur Sure, Wiltz.

Fishing permits are available at the reception (here you can get your Luxembourg permit) which you need  to buy previously to buy our permit).

Whether you are looking for outdoors activities, or prefer a laid-back holiday, send us an email!

n.b FOR ANY GROUP MEETINGS, EVENTS OR PARTIES PLEASE CONTACT US PREVIOUSLY. In a regular basis music and loud talking is not allowed at the  Park.


We would like to inform that our Hotel is open. A bit of nature!! Please contact us for reservations. Note that you need to wear a mask to enter!!

The restaurant is Safely arranged and open, please contact us to know days and hours of opening and to reserve a table! Closed on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.



  • Hotel rooms and chalets
  • Restaurant and cafe with 2 terraces
  • Bar
  • Private park by the river
  • Reception languages: English, Dutch, German and French
  • Free Wi-Fi available
  • Pets allowed under our terms and conditions
  • Free parking in front of the hotel for our guests